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Frequently Asked Questions, Created: January 2016, Updated: Not Yet
Question: May I use resource's found on this site?
      Answer: Of course, I would have not put them up for download if that was not the intention.

Question: May I edit resource's found on this site?
      Answer: Of course you may edit them.

Question: May I sell resource's found on this site? (IE: used in projects that cost money)
      Answer: Nope.

Question: Do you have souce mateials from resource's? (IE: 3d Models/Textures)
      Answer: Some of them I might, Some might have been lost or deleted... either case I will not release source materials.

Question: Do you work on any mods or will you join my mod?
      Answer: Nope.

Question: Do you take request?
      Answer: Nope. However, if someone suggests something that seems interesting and can be public. In my own time, I may.

Question: If I email or private message you, can you help me with some thing I am working on?
      Answer: Most likely no... If you need help head over to PPM's forums and ask publicly there.

Question: What is the best way to contact you?
      Answer: You can try email ( or PM'ing me at PPM forums.

Question: Do you have/use MSN, Skype, other type of messaging?
      Answer: Nope.

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