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Permissions and Legal Concerns, Created: January 2016, Updated: Not Yet
Legal Discussion:
    My judgment on legal issues are as follows.
•Every thing I do and touch is free/opensource.. I guess
•The guess means, I do not own rights to creative things such as contents from downloads/images such as
          my movie or television themed voxel packs or designs of vehicles I base voxel/shp's off of.
•The only large concern I have is the Nintendo stuff... I know Nintendo is pretty hard on that kind of stuff...

•However! I make absolutely no money from this stuff! And neither should you!
•This is all admiration and a hobby for me.

•So no, I would say do not sell anything found on this site, but you may use it in a free project.
•Hell! I shouldn't even have to have stated all that, all my downloads are in a file format that I do not "own"
           vxl/hva/shp/zip/png..., you get the idea... (if any one owns them)
•Just use common since to were legal crap may need to go if you are concerned about that stuff.

•Also, PPM/Revora (server this site is hosted on) has no legal ties or connections to contents or site.

 Permissions Discussion:
    My judgment on permissions issues are as follows.
•You may use or edit contents from this site for free.
•Just use common since on credits and were legal crap may need to go if you are concerned about that stuff.
•You may find other answers in the F.A.Q. section of the site.
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